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Dare to Dream Children’s Foudation
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     $4.50 per card

    What:​Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt Pint Card Fundraiser.

    When:​February 26, 2018 through March 26, 2018

    Who:​​All the Handel’s Lovers of Dare to Dream Children’s Foundation

    Why:​To Raise Money for the Group by Selling the Best Ice Cream in Town.


    Dear Parents:


    Dare to Dream Children’s Foundation and Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt are teaming up to raise money by selling pint cards good toward everybody’s favorite ice cream!  We are very excited about this new fundraising opportunity and hope you find it as appealing as we do.  We will be selling Handel’s pint cards.  Each pint card is good for one pint of any flavored ice cream at Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt.  Each pint card will be sold for $4.50, the actual retail value.  Our cost for each pint card will be between $2.70 & $3.20 depending on the number we sale.  Our group will profit up to a $1.65 on each pint card sold. Selling Handel’s Ice Cream should not be difficult for it’s something everybody loves.  

    Students are to sell the pint cards and receive the money up front.  The more the students sell, the greater the profitability for the group.  We are looking to develop fundraisers that are of minimal effort on the parents but of maximum profit for the group.  Students can sell the pint cards to friends, family, neighbors…basically anyone who loves ice cream.  We hope all of you find this fundraising idea as exciting as we do.  We know with a little hard work, the profits can be substantial.  


    We would like to thank you in advance for all your efforts to support our group.  We know that it is not easy to find time to participate in fundraisings efforts after all the tasks of the day have been completed.  We are extremely grateful for all your past support and we hope that you can find the time and the energy to promote this fundraiser as well. Help us fight food insecurity via our food pantry and community Outreach food distribution!





    Dare To Dream