Dare to Dream Children’s Foudation
Dare to Dream Children’s Foudation
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    Shauna Barry-Scott. Executive Director of The Dare to Dream Children's Foundation. She has worked with at risk children in the inner city since the 1990's. Based on her personal life experiences, she has taken a hands-on approach to the design and implementation of the entire youth development program. She is the mother of a murdered child and dedicated anti-violence advocate. She is also a former federal prisoner who received clemency from President Barack Obama, giving her an inside view of what an offender feels like and needs to reintegrate back into society. She is now dedicated to helping others not to get involved in the criminal justice system, and not to have to witness any other parent have to bury their child.

    Lester Scott Sr. Emergency Food Services Director. Mr. Scott has been in charge of organizing the effort to provide emergency food supplements to some of the city's poorest residents, in the most dangerous neighborhoods, since the early 1990's. He is masterful at organizing staff, workers, and volunteers. His presence makes the whole crew feel safe, even when venturing into high crime areas. He also maintains a master list of all the elderly clients and makes sure they never have to stand in line to get food, because he delivers it to them personally. He also runs a tight ship when it comes to maintaining the food pantry. He makes sure the largest number of local residents, receive the greatest amount of food assistance possible.

    Lester Scott II Director of Youth Programs. He has chosen to take up the mantle of public service from his parents. He is the very best of the next generation, prepared to meet all of the technology needs of today's youth with innovative, cutting edge programming. He has researched award winning programs all across the country and has utilized the best of each to craft a program of excellence to serve the myriad needs of Youngstown's most at risk, youth population. He will be in charge of after school programs, summer programs and all field trips.

    Akaia B. Hutchins. She is the 33-year-old daughter of the Scotts. She will be in charge of the Career Counseling Division. She will be responsible for researching and developing all local job placement, job training, and apprenticeship opportunities which are available to our clients. Our plans are to begin a training program in the construction trades and a Computer Coding Academy. She will be in charge of getting these and other training programs implemented.

    Lestacia Scott. She will be our Emergency Social Services Coordinator. She will run our division of emergency utility assistance and eviction prevention assistance. She will maintain a database of all available resources in our local area, and she will maintain relationships with local fellow social service agencies, local religious institutions and corporate sponsors to provide matching funds to meet the many needs of local low-income residents wherever they are available.

    Shalise White. She is our housing specialist. She will be in charge of housing acquisition, housing rehabilitation, housing placement, and "good tenants" training. She will be the coordinator of funding for these programs and she will be the liaison with local banks to institute Community Reinvestment Act funding to expand our overall program each year. With the goal in mind of keeping families together, and family reunification when prison, poverty, or mental illness has torn them apart.

    Barry M. Hutchins. He will head up our youth extra-curricular activities division. He will coordinate intramural basketball and volleyball. He will recruit players, reside over all practices, and maintain the game schedules. He will engage our local young men to participate in a Midnight Basketball League again. This activity has been proven in the past to keep at risk young men involved in safe, organized activities during the hours they are most likely in danger of being a victim or perpetrator of violent crime.

    Minister Paul Weston. He will be in charge of our music department. He will organize a drum line and a bugle corp. He will establish our music room and a recording studio. He will arrange for all music lessons. He will be in charge of choreography to prepare our marching band to participate in local parades and events.

    Danielle Brooks. She will head our early childhood department. This part of our program is Danielle's brainchild. She is the mother of three young children and understands the sensitive needs of young families trying to balance work, school, and childcare. She is a young mom balancing school and work herself. This portion of our program will complement local Head Start and public-school programming. Our early childhood program will provide play time but will also have special programs on hand like ABC Mouse, Hooked on Phonics, and My Baby Can Read. They will learn things like colors, shapes, body parts, numbers, counting money, to tell time, and beginners words. Music will play a large part in all of the learning games they will benefit from.

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